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Black wave pattern dial, hand-set inlay scales. Certified by COSC-Swiss Official Observatory, Caliber B77 self-winding mechanical movement with automatic calendar function, containing 77 parts; 42 hours power reserve, 21 jewels, vibration frequency 28,800 vph (4HZ); movement diameter 26.20mm, The thickness is 3.60mm.

But the biggest difference with the chase mechanism is that the chase has a limitation on the time pause interval: it cannot exceed 1 minute or 59 seconds. But our 'Key of Time' can do endless games with time, even if it rotates slowly for three months or a year. With just one key, the time will immediately return to the correct position. As everyone knows, to realize this interesting function, more movement parts are needed than minute repeater or other complicated functions.

While inheriting the classical skills, Parmigiani Fleurier is always firmly based on the present. Keeping up with the pulse of the times, the Tonda Metro series launched this year is a tribute to the city spirit. This spirit of advancing with the times also makes the brand quite modern in the cultural projects it supports, and is committed to supporting modern music forms such as jazz, unplugged music, and blues music.

Of course, if there are still many new innovations in the world time, the GPHG Watch Awards 2016 replaced the best timetable with the best travel timetable. This year’s wonderful world time watch is well known to the public. The watch function is gradually loved by many consumers. Perhaps, for most people, when they first arrived in an unfamiliar country, it would be more comfortable to be accompanied by a world time watch.

In 2016, the 26th SIHH will be held soon, and 9 new watchmaking brands will be added: Christophe Claret, De Bethune, H. Moser amp; Cie, Hautlence, HYT, Kari Voutilainen, Laurent Ferrier, MBamp; F and Urwerk. Undoubtedly, all of these 9 brands are currently well-known independent watch brands. For many people, these brands may be strange, but in fact they are more or less mentioned in the previous articles of the author. Even introduce.

Tang Wei is one of the most high-profile actresses in the United States. In 2007, Tang Wei debuted on the big screen. Over the years, her superb acting has won unanimous affirmation at home and abroad, and she has won more than 30 international awards, including the 47th Korea Best Art Award 'Best Film Actress' (2011), the 12th Busan Film Critics Award 'Best Actress' (2011), 22nd New York Film Critics Award 'Best Actress' (2013), and 5th American Film Directors Association 'Actress of the Year' (2014), etc. As one of the best actresses in the United States, Tang Wei is well-recognized for his outstanding creative talent, profound acting skills and rich character creation. Innovative cells and talent for performing arts are deeply rooted in her bones: her father is a painter and her mother is a Yue opera actor. Tang Wei studied at the director's department of the Central Academy of Drama. After following his heart, he successfully transformed into an excellent film and television actor.

That's right, this structure that presents a complete chronograph module on the front of the dial is unique to the UNICO movement. It means that the wearer can pay attention to the operation of the chronograph hands while placing the column wheel and the horizontal clutch device. All the wonderful changes of the eye can be seen from the perspective, and the two can be taken care of without turning the watch over and then falling off. Such a design can not only bring people an extraordinary visual experience, but it is also the most ergonomic. Because according to the normal structure of the watch, the uppermost layer in the case is the hands and dial, then the base plate of the movement, and the bottom is the assembly surface of the movement. If the timing module is placed on the assembly surface of the movement, the position of the corresponding timing button will be under the case, which is not good-looking and inconvenient to use. Many chronograph manufacturers can only take an admissible attitude towards this flaw, but have no ability to change it. Hublot took a different approach, placing the timing module on the movement substrate and raising the position of the timing button, which is a perfect solution.

Table comments: Compared with the previous watches, this Amy is actually more low-key, full of line decoration structure, giving people a feeling of simplicity and not empty. Compared with brands backed by large groups, Amy is not well-known in the country, but it is a full-scale, high-end professional watchmaking brand that focuses on innovation. Emmy's elegant series focuses on the cultural heritage and refined elegance of traditional watchmaking. The watch design focuses on clarity and conciseness, which is one of the reasons why this series is very popular. The diameter of this watch is 38 mm, which matches the average wrist size of European men, making it suitable for most people.

Audemars Piguet actively responded to the call of the Monaco Muscular Dystrophy Research Association (AMM) and strongly supports the research work of hereditary Duchenne muscular dystrophy. This is the fourth time the brand has participated in the ONLY WATCH charity auction. Philippe Merk, Chief Executive Officer of Audemars Piguet, said: 'Audemars Piguet is always closely connected to the sacred philanthropy and hopes that the funds raised by donations can help Humans have made greater breakthroughs in this field of treatment.' This year Audemars Piguet took Jules Audemars Gstaad Classic to participate in the auction. This rose gold watch is engraved with 'Audemars Piguet ONLY WATCH—Gstaad Classic—2011' on the back, which is elegant and noble. The dial design is inspired by the 1920s, with a strong retro color, both fashion and sports temperament, a perfect fusion of classic and avant-garde design style, to pay tribute to the classic at the same time to show the sense of the times perfectly. 'Audemars Piguet ONLY WATCH—Gstaad Classic—2011”

So, does this simply mean that the value of antique watches will rise by 5% in the new year, or 10% or more? The first thing to be clear is that the value of the watch depends on its model, identity and maintenance status. Regardless of the specific price (or the currency in which it is priced)-thousands or even millions, only the most rare and original watches will be favored and scrambled. I believe high quality rolex milgauss replica that a wise spring acquisition will add 10% in the fall. Is this true for all global markets? The answer is determined by the exchange rate market! For example, if the Swiss franc appreciates by 10% or more compared to a certain fixed-rate currency over the same period, then the acquisition in the Swiss franc area in spring is wise, and it may not be profitable in the fall, or it may still lose money.

RADO Swiss radar watch TrueThinline really thin series rivet limited edition watch co-designer-British designer Bethan Gray (BethanGray)

El Primero Stratos Flyback Striking 10th watch

This ladies series watch focuses on the design of the vintage and elegant style of the 1930s. As early as the 1980s, the classic design styles from the 1920s to the 1960s were reintroduced into the design of watches by Hamilton. The Boulton, Ardmore, and Ventura series that people loved in the past are arousing and leading a fashion whirlwind of classic watches in omega replica watches the industry. In the 1990s, the brand continued to write Hamil through the movies 'Black Man', 'Fatal Weapon 4', 'Fighting Club', 'Independence Day', 'Genius Ripley' and 'Electronic Love Letter' Dayton’s friendship with Hollywood. Women's clothing designers and stylists use striking shapes and styles to reflect each other with Hamilton watches, casting a lot of classic images. After creating a series of retro classics, Hamilton continues the classic style once again. The new watch uses a stainless steel case with a case size of 15 mm × 25 mm. The square case and the curved sapphire mirror just rightly stand out Out of the wearer's elegance, the white mother-of-pearl dial, the 12-hour scale is decorated with Arabic numerals, and the unique bracelet design also gives the watch a full sense of fashion.

The watch strap is made of black leather with a clear leather texture. The sides are decorated with crimps. The leather strap is more comfortable and skin-friendly during wearing.

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Longines watch master series annual calendar watch watch number: L2.910.4.51.7 Suggested retail price: new products are not priced

Summary: Come without shadow, go without trace, uneasy, and keep pace, talking about rash Gemini. They like fast-changing, not enduring forever. Endless curiosity and curiosity drive the pace of their lives and inspire them to pursue and explore continuously. Because of this, a simple watch may not be able to satisfy their whimsical heart, interesting, fanciful, and tasteful wrist watches can be among the top brands to enter their eyes.

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